No more ugly interfaces. They're a thing of the past with barrier. Take back your data in style!

Say no to data theft and fingerpriting! Barrier uses state of the art methods to protect your data. It is proudly powered by Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Barrier

Barrier is a chrome extension that covers all of your privacy needs. We are the only all-in-one tool for online privacy. Barrier incorporates cookie and script blockers, smart anti-tracking, and the most sophisticated adblock. Your data is safe when using Barrier. All these features and more are encapsulated in Barriers slick user interface, with easy-to-use toggles and whitelist.

Barrier is produced as an independent, open-source project under the GPL v3 license. Barrier is proudly powered by other privacy services such as uBlock and Privacy Badger.

Our Github: https://github.com/kkanhai2021/privacyExtension

The Barrier Privacy Extension (referred to simply as Barrier from now on) does not track users at all. No usage statistics are collected. Barrier is a completely local application: A users whitelist is stored on the client browsers local storage, never on a server. A users blocking configuration is stored on the client browsers local storage, never on a server. Barriers source code is available on GitHub.com through GitHub Inc., a subsidiary of Microsoft. Barrier has no business ties to Github Inc or Microsoft.

Feel free to reach out to us at: barrierprivacy@gmail.com


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